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Preparing to Archive the Eternal Now

Preparing to Archive the Eternal Now
One Endless Speck within the Shoreless Ocean

Public Note

Originally the videos were larger. They are reduced so that the page can load up faster. To view the original larger format please click on the YouTube in the video area. Otherwise click on the 'Play' arrow to view the video within this blog.

I think in our current installation this will work for us. Please offer insight and advise if you wish to help organize this blog.

Charles Haynes in - Breakfast with God

Meheru Irani in - Journey with God

Jal Irani - 1973

Meheru Irani in - The Master"s Prayer

Bhau Kalchuri Kitty Davy Filis Frederick in - The Theatre of Three

Bobby Man0Nash in - "The Crown Prince of the Kali Yuga"

Mansari from Bal Natu"s "the Pillow Book"

Filis Frederick in - DeMystifying Death

Henry Kashouty - The Quiet Mind

Baburao Gohille - Interview One

Charles Haynes in "Anamnesis of Grace"

Dr Bharucha - Guruprasad Glimpses

Aloba"s - Prem Ashram Days

Toby Mertens - Passages Home

Adi K Irani